“If you´re hearing Mundane for the first time, you will certainly notice them loving their instruments and living their music with relentless devotion.” To the project, which should later be known as Mundane, lead singer and guitarist Dennis Wiedtke recruited both Freerk Bockhop and Alexander “Streuner” Ewert in 2012. The name “Mundane” , which was suggested by Freerk, was quickly followed by a logo by Streuner, which is showing a pulse around the globe but is still unrevealed in its meaning.


Classifying itself as a mix of Grunge and Heavy Blues, the music of Mundane is aggressive but psychopathically pretty. With the earmarkingly raucous voice and honest texts of lead singer Dennis Wiedtke, who thrillingly sings of hate and inequity in a compassionate way, combined with powerfully dramatic but dexterous rhythms by drummer Freerk, who seems to retrieve more out of his drums, than they can perform as objects, and Alex ‘Streuner’ marrow-deep reaching distorted bass lines gives every single one of the song his individual murky atmosphere, Mundane tries to take back the Rock n Roll, which once shaped an entire generation with its ideology.

The stage presence of Mundane ist indescribably chaotic, energetic and self-destructive.

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